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Struggle with content?

One of the biggest challenges business owners tell me they struggle with is creating content for their business. 

Over the years I have determined that there are five principal reasons that business owners struggle to create content. 

Now I don’t mean they struggle to create content professionally with copywriters, on the contrary. 

If you’re struggling to create content, working with a copywriter is a great solution because they know how to write all day. 

But not everyone can afford a copywriter. 

And in fact most businesses can’t afford copywriters. 

Most businesses can’t afford to get much help at all and they have to do a lot themselves.

So over the years I’ve worked out five key reasons why people struggle to create content.

The first is they’re paralysed. 

The second is they can’t get any momentum. 

The third is they don’t have the confidence to say anything without being shouted down, and that’s you know the evidence of imposter syndrome creeping in.

The fourth reason is they don’t have enough clarity on their brand and their message to be able to talk coherently, consistently, confidently about what it is that their business is about.

And the last thing is they just don’t know how to create content. They just don’t know how to do it. 

Should I write? 

Should I record? 

Should I do video? 

Is it audio? 


They just fall over. 

And so what do they do? 

Like most people when we’re faced with an incredible challenge, we give up, we quit. 

We put other things that are more important in front of it that are more easy to achieve because we know that if we spend our time on these problems that we can solve, we’re more likely to at least get some progress in our business rather than if we focused on things that we just don’t know how to solve. 

That’s where the content gym came from. 

The origins of the content gym have been over a decade of listening to business owners struggle about content. 

And the content gym takes these five challenges of paralysis, momentum, confidence, clarity and creation and it turns them into an eight-week program on whatsapp, where we cover eight content sources and we answer all those other questions plus a whole pile of other support and marketing knowledge and advice. 

Now the impact is really powerful. 

Over those eight weeks, from day one, people are freed up from the paralysis. 

People start to build momentum. 

People definitely have increased confidence. 

Their clarity over their business and what they are saying over time in the longer term starts to become easier. 

And their ability to create content goes through the roof. 

Because first of all, all of those other four challenges have been answered and we show them how to effortlessly create content, whether it’s written, audio, whatever. 

Now obviously some businesses use copywriters, if you can afford a copywriter that’s a great solution. 

But not every business can afford a copywriter and I always say to clients you must start creating content yourself at the start because that’s the best way for you to understand the content challenges, but also to get closer to your audience and it creates the most authentic content. 

And so that’s what the gym was all about. 

Fundamentally even I was surprised actually how quickly the gym had an impact. 

One IT company director said that after two days he’s become a creative content wizard after just two days into an eight week program. 

Constantly people are asking me how I do what I do, they can’t quite see how I make it so easy and I’m constantly reminding them that everything in life is about working our muscles out. 

I’ve been working my contact muscles out for years and years and years, so for me it’s effortless. 

But it wasn’t at the start, I used to struggle just like all of you, I’ve been there, I’ve absolutely you know had the same experience.
I have had those feelings, absolutely without any question. 

And I knew that I was going to have to work out my muscles, I’m going to have to grow this skill set if I was going to get better at content. 

And that’s what happened. 

People who consider themselves great conversationalists, great in person but rubbish with content are loving the gym. 

It’s helping people come across correctly rather than just salesy and the good news is the gyms are a recurring eight week program. 

The next content gym starts in January and I’m not putting the price up until December, so if you or anyone you know is struggling with content, get in touch, have a conversation, I will absolutely be able to go through those five points and help you find where your weakest spot is and if the content gyms for you, you’ll be most welcome.