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Multidimensional Story

Pain is the real now. 

USP is your real during. 

And wow is their real after. 

What do I mean by that? 

We’re going to break each of those three down. 

We talk about story a lot because story is everything for us. If you’ve been on one of our “create your marketing strategy” live master classes, you’ll know the value of story and it’s always intense and emotional. 

Of course it should be because your story has to be true by definition because it’s your story, we’re not placing it there, it’s coming from you. And so it’s always powerful. 

It’s impossible for it not to be. 

When we talk about story, we talk about three levels; 


BDA and 


BDE stands for before/beginning, middle and end. 

That’s how we all heard about stories in school, they have to have a beginning, a middle and an end. 

In TepFu land we’ve evolved that to be BDA, Before, During and After. 

The purpose of that is because we understand that you’re taking your customers on a journey, you’re really helping them move forwards in a certain trajectory, and that means… They’ve come from somewhere, before working with you. 

They’re now working with you, during. 

And then they experience some outcomes after working with you. 

It’s really really important that you get your head around that before, during and after. 

Now in before, during and after, each of them has a piece of the puzzle that starts with a P. 

So the three P’s are Pain, Process and Pleasure. 

So before they’re in pain. 

During working with you they experience the process. 

And after working with you they experience the pleasure, the paradise of the outcome. 

At TepFu we’ve evolved that even further now, into a newer multi-leveled approach, and I mentioned it at the start and I’m going to go back and break each of those three down. 

Pain is the real now.

USP is your real during. 

Wow is their real after. 

So we’re bringing into play not just pain, but also some of the brand messaging around USP and wow. And we’re also blending all of this with the before, during and after, and trying to wrap all of that into story, around sentiment, time and messaging. 

Those are the three variables by which one should think about story; 

Sentiment, time and messaging. 

Before, during and after. 

Pain, process and pleasure. 

So let’s just break each of those down. 

Pain is the real now. 

What we mean by this is people are in pain, right now. 

Literally a customer of yours is in pain right now. 

It’s a huge problem for them, it’s the real now for them. 

There is nothing fake about it, they have a problem, they don’t know how to solve it, they have to solve it, it could mean the difference between a happy family and a sad family, a healthy business and an unhealthy business. 

Whatever it is, the pain they’re in, in the real now is the key thing that you need to obsess about, because if you can understand that pain and help or make it go away, they are going to love you. 

And they’ll tell all their friends about you that are relevant as well. 

The USP is your real during. 

So what does this mean? 

Well USP stands for Unique Sales Proposition or Unique Selling Proposition. 

The USP is your real during. 

So whilst pain is there real now, the USP is yours, it’s part of your process, it’s probably the core of your process. 

So you have to get that blend right of understanding pain is their real now, the USP is my during, it’s my process that I’m going to take them from pain into their real after, which is where wow lives, it’s where pleasure and paradise lives. 

So we’re taking them from pain through process into paradise. 

It’s that simple. 

I know it sounds complicated but it’s not, and if you read through this a few times it will make sense to you too. 

The bottom line is pain is their real now, 

USP is your real during and 

wow, the wow factor, the outcomes, the results, is their real after that’s what they’re going to experience. 

Nothing more, nothing less. 

Pain is the real now, 

USP is your real during, and 

wow is their real after. 

It’s all about telling stories and these are the best ways we know to tell stories blending sentiment, timelines and messaging all in one – as powerful as possible.