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Put On A Show

Today I would like to talk to you about going to the theater. 

Because for me, marketing really is like going to the theater.

I’ll explain why. 

In the TepFu conversation mastery program there are five stages; 

The first is story, 

The second is brand, 

The third is content, 

The fourth is campaigns and, 

The fifth is execution. 

And just like at the theater, all five of those translates to elements of what happens in a theater. 

The story is just like the script. 

The brand is just like the set and the theater, the setting itself. 

The content is just like the acting and the actors.
The campaign’s are reminiscent of opening night, you get a very very small opportunity to nail that first impression. And the campaigns have to be on the money. 

And last but not least the execution, ensures a good run. There’s nothing worse than starting a campaign letting it fizzle and wondering what might have been if you’d have only carried on and pushed through. 

Let’s just unpack that a little bit more in detail. 

The story is like a script. 

Ultimately if you’re not singing from the same hymn sheet, if everybody in a play had a different script, obviously it wouldn’t work. So the script is vital, not because it may or may not be impressive, but it’s consistent and it’s coherent which means that everyone’s moving in the same direction. 

The same is true of your story in marketing, if everybody in your business is moving in different directions when it comes to story, it’s not gonna work, there’s just no way it can work. And it’s much better to have a simpler, perhaps less impressive, story but one that at least everybody is singing from, everyone is adhering to and understands and values. 

You’ll get much more impact from your marketing through that. 

The brand is all about the sets. 

The brand creates the space in which an activity happens. It really is the structure, the container. 

The content is just like the acting and the actors.

This is because it’s the human interaction bit, it’s the part of the entire experience where people are talking to and learning from and getting to know like and trust people, and that allows for people to buy from people. 

The campaigns are just like the opening night. 

Every night in marketing is opening night, every single thing you’re doing all the time could have a massive impact. 

Execution is like a good run.

And last but not least the execution is all about having a good run. Starting strong but finishing weak doesn’t cut it in marketing, you’ve got to start strong and you’ve got to keep going strong. 

Is your Opera in harmony? 

Is your theatre in harmony? 

Is everyone singing from the same hymn sheet? 

Is everyone aligned? 

Is everything lined up perfectly? 

And is it going to be a cracking show? 

I hope so. 

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