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TepFu Content Gym Part 2 – The Five Content Amplifier Strategies

It’s time to hit the gym. 

Welcome to part 2 of the TepFu content gym. Today we’re going to talk about the five big content amplifier strategies, last week we talked about the six content cons, and next week we’re going to talk in part three about the five content muscles, in part four, the week after that, we’ll be talking about the six content genres. 

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But back to today, we’re going to talk about five amplifier strategies for you to use with your content that’s a no-brainer. 

1 – The @GaryVee

How could it be anything else because this guy is frankly the god of content amplification, it’s called The @GaryVee because he’s the man. Nobody amplifies content like him. 

When it comes to Gary Vaynerchuk, if you haven’t heard of Gary Vaynerchuk, it’s an odd spelling but you can just search for in GaryVee and you’ll find him. If you look at what he does, he takes a single piece of content, he turns it into video, audio, text, animation, infographics. So he’ll take a single thing and turn it into multiple types of content. 

The other thing he’ll do is he’ll cut it into loads of pieces, thus creating even more content. Then he’ll show the recording of and he’ll show behind the scenes and he’ll show after we posted what happened next, backstage. 

He’ll just literally come at content from every angle. 

One phone call could turn into a hundred pieces of content – he’s that amazing at it. 

If you want to amplify your content, a simple way to do it is to ask yourself what other format’s could we put this content in to? 

Where else could it go? 

What else could it look like? 

Can we go back and forward in time? 

We’ll talk about that a bit later. 

2 – The Editorial Exhaust

And I first heard about this in the 90s, believe it or not the 1990s, I’m that old. From a company I think it was called Hyperloop media, I don’t know if they’re still around, they probably are. 

Anyway they talked about the editorial exhaust, what this means is the content that comes out the back of your business, what are you doing with it? 

Now what do I mean? 

If you’ve got a sales team of 10 people, and each of you looks at five interesting articles on various news sites every day, what are you doing with those five times 10, so that’s 50 news articles, what could you be doing with it? 

Could you turn into a daily digest to post on a Facebook group, so that your clientele can see the 50 most important articles? 

Could you take those 50 and reduce it down to a top 10? 

Could you push it out an email every day? Could you push on social? 

Could you even do a 60 second video on the most important article your team have read today? 

So that’s the editorial exhaust. What’s coming out the back of the business that you’re doing nothing with that you could be leveraging. 

3 – The Storytellers

This is about finding and working with influencers on a paid or an unpaid basis. Because there are lots of influences you can reach on an unpaid basis. 

For example whatever industry you’re in there’s probably an industry publication, an event, a website, a portal whatever. 

How are you targeting the storytellers of that industry? 

How are you targeting the storytellers that influence that space? 

Even better where your clients are, what publications are they reading? 

What sites are they reading? 

Who are the storytellers they rely on? 

4 – The Crystal Ball

This is brilliant, how can you create content from the future with lots of other people, so that by looking into the future and getting lots of other people’s opinion in your industry, you create a very very shareable piece of content? And that amplifies it wonderfully. 

At the end of the day, that crystal ball means that by looking into the crystal ball, the amplification is going to come from the fact that people are very keen to share predictions. 

We always see prediction content go down really well. 

5 – The Rearview Mirror

This is the reverse of the crystal ball. 

What can we look at in the past? 

Ten things we learned from. 

But here’s the thing, if you want to make it amplified, first of all what can you do to cut it up and turn it into other content? 

But again involve other people. 

If you got 10 things we learned from the pandemic for example, from 10 other luminaries. They are going to amplify it for you. 

That’s the five content amplifier strategies; 

  1. The @GaryVee
  2. The Exhausts
  3. The Storytellers
  4. The Crystal Ball 
  5. The Rearview Mirror. 

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