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Beware The Expert Tsunami

Really important lesson that we try and communicate to our clients especially when it comes to those who are super knowledgeable about a specific topic is; 

Do not be a tsunami! 

What I mean by this for those of you old enough to remember the 80s, you’ll remember a fantastic ad on TV 

[ That’s right, we used have ads, and we used to watch them! ]

And the ad was from a company called Maxrell, they were a cassette tape manufacturer.

[ Because we used to have to record stuff on cassette tapes

And this ad was a picture of a chap in an armchair and the sound quality from this tape so good, that when they played I believe it was [ Mussorgsky ] A Night at the Bare Mountain. The music is so full of crescendo & energy that he was blown back, his hair was blown back and he was physically blown back in his chair. 

Here’s why this is important and why you mustn’t be a tsunami. 

Maxell showed us what most marketing looks. 

You often will go deep and into explanatory territory. 

You will explain and often over explain, baffle and overwhelm people with what you do.

The key is under explain; 

Don’t over explain

  • Let people ask questions.
  • Let them come towards you. 
  • Let them demonstrate they’re qualified.
  • Let them prove that they are your perfect and ideal customer and prospect. 
  • Listen to what they need to know, and then ask questions around those topics.
  • Then they will come towards you and ask you for more information. 
  • That’s what your marketing should do. 

Your marketing should, in fact must, create an environment where they want to know more. If you just throw a billion things at them, in your marketing; A classic example of this is people producing a piece of marketing collateral;

[ my good friend Simon Hutchings who’s an amazing graphic designer will testify to this

… They want every one millimetre of that collateral covered with content. 

Now Simon’s a big fan of white space, and of space in general, and that’s because he knows like a good graphic design, and like TepFu an amazing marketing agency knows, that sometimes; 

Less Is More! 

It’s not what you say;

It’s what you don’t say

And in great marketing what you don’t say enables the customer or the prospect to ask you a question. 

When they ask you a question, they’re demonstrating their qualification and their relevance. And so your marketing can then give them more information. Ultimately it’s that listening rather than talking that makes the massive difference. 

So don’t forget, whatever you do, don’t be a tsunami! 

Don’t overwhelm people. 

Let them demonstrate their interest in what you’re about, and what you do. 

Let them move towards you, and then obviously, hopefully your marketing will have a great funnel, and you will turn them into customers.