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5 Resolutions


Welcome to the TepFu Happy New Year post…

I’m hoping it’s the 1st of January, (if everything’s gone right?

I’m hoping you had a fantastic evening celebrating the start of the next decade of significance in measurement of time. And certainly what I think is gonna be a phenomenal year. A really exciting year. 

Because it’s 2020 so we’re gonna get sick of vision, if we’re not already sick of vision? We’re gonna hear that a lot. But it seems like a powerful year already to me. 

In keeping with the 20 / 20 vision reference, I’ve got five resolutions to help you make your marketing stronger for 2020.

I want you to have a fantastic year, so much so I’m going to drop some bombs.

I’m going to give you some marketing nuggets to help you kick this year off in the best possible way. 


Make your marketing stronger, is that you resolve to plan your marketing. 

Resolve to plan your marketing, number one. 

That means on a weekly, a monthly, a quarterly, an annual basis.

I want you to plan five things;

Sorry, four things (forgive me I can’t count – too much champagne last night!

I want you to plan four things; 

The first thing I want you to do is to plan…
And you can do this is a spreadsheet by the way;

You don’t have to make it too fanciful. 

You don’t have to get too organised.

Don’t let the paralysis of perfection stop you doing this. 

Plan the campaign details

What campaign are you gonna run?
When? And for who?
And what’s the outcome you want? 

What’s the outcome they want? 

And what’s the detail of the campaign? 

Is it going to be on Facebook? 

What topic is it gonna be on? 

How is it gonna work? 

Is it an event you’re going to be running in September? 


For who? 


Just build those details out. 

Talk about the frequency of that campaign

Is it a one off?  Or is it every day throughout the year?

Think about who’s gonna champion that campaign.

Who’s in charge of it? 

I want you to predict a result

I want you to put on paper, or in that spreadsheet. 

What you’d like the result to be. 

So that’s the first resolution to plan your marketing. 


Execute your marketing. 

But first of all how are you gonna execute it? 

Is it going to be internal? 

Are you gonna do it? 

Have you got someone in the business that’s trained up to do it? 

That can do it? 

Are you gonna get it out to an agency? 

If so, when? 

What kind of agency? 

What’s your budget? 

Or are you gonna find a freelancer?

There is an army of people around the world waiting for varying rates from $3 to $300 probably an hour, who will take on tasks for you, and make sure you execute. 

So executing is the second resolution. 

And for the love of God, if you can’t figure out how to put the plan together. get in touch And if you can’t figure out how to execute, get in touch. 

I’ve done it all; 

I know how to do all; 

It’s not rocket science. 

‘ Don’t let your lack of knowing how to do something be the reason why you don’t do it in 2020 ‘

As Tony Robbins said; 

If there’s something you can’t, do you must do it. 

Even more reason why you must do it. 

So the first resolution is plan;
The second resolution is execute;


Track your marketing. 

You must track your marketing. 

And it’s simple, it’s not complicated!

It needs to be meaningful – not vanity metrics! 

I don’t care how many likes you’ve had, and nor should you.
They make absolutely no difference. 

What matters to your business? 

Where are the bottom lines that really make things move? 

( Obviously revenue )

And what are the trigger points? 

What are the milestones to revenue? 

By the time you get back to likes, it’ll be so watered down it won’t matter. 

But what are the milestones? 

What really really matters, that you can measure, that’s going to show you your pipeline is filling? 

And maybe it’s as simple as tracking roots into your pipeline, you know your funnel, and then four or five stages of your funnel. 

  • Prospect
  • A call
  • Proposal
  • Negotiation
  • Close 

Could be as simple as that. 

But if you can track what campaign, has produced what result, and at what stage they are in the pipeline, you’re gonna be far exceeding most of your competition. 

So plan, execute, track



You’ve got to analyse the impact of these campaigns. 

You’ve got to look at the reality. 

You must absolutely also viciously be ready to cull campaigns. 

If they’re not good enough, if they’re not working, and if you don’t know how to tweak them to make them better – put them on pause. 

Speak to someone like me and say;

“I’ve tried this, why hasn’t it worked? What are we missing?” 

Speak to somebody else, take advice, ask people on LinkedIn. But you must analyse, you must make sure you focus on the things that are working. And you must try and rework the things that aren’t working. 

If you’ve tried to rework the things that aren’t working;

If you’ve given them everything you can and they still don’t work, kill them. 


I once had a professor who told me to literally kill my babies. 

What she meant was, all the stuff I loved doing. 

Get rid of it because it’s just ego.

It’s BS. 

I’m doing it for the wrong motivations. 

When it comes to analysing your marketing, if it’s not getting you a result, you’ve got a question why you’re still doing it? 

You’ve got to follow the money, you’ve got to learn to say no to stuff, you’ve got to learn to shut stuff down. 

And the fifth… 


So we’ve got plan, execute, track, analyse, and the fifth is;


This is the fifth most important resolution to make your marketing stronger in 2020. 

Ultimately you’ve got to constantly strive to make things better. 

If you’re getting a twenty percent response rate or something, how can you get a thirty percent response rate? 

How can you get that thirty percent response rate into your funnel, then turning into a twenty five percent conversion instead of fifteen percent conversion? 

If you keep incrementally improving all these little tasks, the compound effect means that it’s not just 10 percent and 10 percent and 10 percent, it’s an ever increasing growing curve upwards. Because that 10 percent means the next layer is going to produce more. And the ten percent of that layer producing more means the next layer is going to produce more. And so very very small steps that each layer allow you to really move that are really really powerful. 

When all said and done, if you don’t know how to take the next steps, seek advice. 

Don’t do nothing. 

If you do nothing, your marketing will be paralysed and nothing will happen. 

For the love of God ask someone. Ask me. 

Join one of the many communities I’m in, ask there. Get help. 

You can’t do it all on your own. 

I hope that helps. 

Have a happy new year and I hope 2020 for you, for me, for everyone is a super powerful year. It’s gonna be amazing, it’s got 2020 in it, so it’s bound to be good!