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What’s Nanny McPhee got to do with marketing?

Welcome to The Nanny McPhee effect. 

I love thinking about marketing and I’m always thinking about marketing. Every time I’m watching a film or I listen to music, marketing permeates my existence. It’s what I think about all the time and it’s what I do and I think I do it really well (my clients hopefully would agree). 


I recently saw again (for the billionth time) the film Nanny McPhee. Which is a great film and there’s a really interesting part of the film where Nanny McPhee tells the children; 


“When you need me but do not want me then I must stay. And when you want me but no longer need me then I have to go.” 


It really got me thinking because marketing is very similar to Nanny McPhee, and this is why. Because for marketing it’s more a case of when you need me, it’s too late. And when you don’t need me then you really have to get busy marketing. 


Marketing is always best done in a state of calm, in a state of non desperation. You will really struggle to be on the ball enough to do marketing well when you’re in a sales panic and it’s the end of the month, or the end of the quarter, or the end of the year and revenues badly hit. 


The reality is if you’re a business owner I’m calling you out a bit, because you need to be better on top of your numbers to have much more of clarity further ahead than the blind panic we often see business leaders descend into. Especially when the numbers aren’t great at that particular moment in time. 


You should know your cash flow business leaders. 


You should know your sales projections – I do, I can tell you what I’m gonna spend in three months, and I can tell you what I’m gonna probably earn in three months, what the business is going to generate in three months. There’s no way I could do effective marketing if I’m not doing that – it’s just not possible. 


Ultimately it’s about the war between being proactive and being reactive, and most businesses and business leaders don’t get it. 


I totally understand why they are reactive – they’re up against it all the time, they’re putting out fires and they’re at the coalface, operationally delivering great marketing, hopefully. But generally it’s late, they haven’t had enough time to be brilliant. They haven’t given themselves the time and space to really genuinely do it well, to really truly be creative, to nail their targeting, to get their messaging into a brilliant position that makes them remarkable, that helps them engage with their customers in a way that they’ve never done before, talking about things that the customer really wants to talk about, that creates opportunities for the customer to approach the business to talk to them, to become an inbound inquiry. 


Inbound inquiries are nirvana because all I have to do is be awesome and talk about what it is we do and customers will come towards me – that’s the way I run my marketing. I practice a philosophy called conversation mastery and conversation mastery is all about having people approach me to ask me how I can help them. 


I have a great example from just yesterday, a lady who I’d spoken to twice approached me and said do you have availability to help me right now? That’s exactly the sentiment I want to create in my prospects; they know I need to help them, they know they need me to help them, their only concern is do I have the space and time to be able to help them. 


That’s the perfect situation. 


And actually as it happens I potentially did have some time to help that person, and the reality is that that conversation is ongoing and you know like most relationships they take time. 


It takes time to create effective marketing; nothing is done in a rush. 


Even with paid channels there is never an absolute guarantee of immediate return. You might find suppliers who offer a return on an activity, on guaranteed activity, but even they will tell you it might not happen in the first month. It might take a second or a third month to even deliver that guarantee. 


I think that’s the point, marketing is gonna take time. Good marketing like a like a lovely meal, isn’t something you’re gonna whip together in five minutes. And if you find yourself being reactive like that and putting marketing together in a rush, please get in touch with me. I’d love to talk to you because it’s a shame, you deserve more than that marketing is going to deliver you, your business and your team deserves more and you can make it better. 


On my master class for one day I show people how to move from being reactive to being proactive. If you’re in reactive mode drop me a note, I’d love to talk to you and I’m absolutely positive that I can make a difference.