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Stop Overthinking Your Marketing!

For the love of God please stop overthinking your marketing. 

It is such a tragic shame when I see people overthinking their marketing and over complicating things, trying to do too much with not enough structure, with not enough foundation and not enough clarity and control over what it is they need to do. Marketing is best done naturally, trust me. 

It should be an organic process.

If you imagine the relationships in your life and the conversations you have in your life, if people do things unnaturally it stands out a mile. If I just walked into a party and started maniacally laughing, pointing at someone and saying hey funny joke, you’d think that’s a  little bit out of place, and that it didn’t feel like it was kind of the right time for you to do that. TThe same is true with marketing. 

You’ve got to stop overthinking your marketing. 

I’m going to explain how marketing can be done naturally, I’m going to give you three examples from nature, that we can follow that show how marketing can best be done naturally. 

This was a lesson I learned from an incredible lady that I work for, if by some magic you’re reading this, you know who you are, you’re amazing. 


The Honey Bee and the Flower

The first lesson from nature about how to do marketing naturally the honey bee and the flower. The honey bee and the flower have different objectives and yet Nature has married them up perfectly. 

The flower wants to pollinate itself to grow, to propagate. 

The honeybee wants to drink nectar, that is its mission – to go out of the hive, find nectar, bring it back to the hive, so that we can fill in the honeycomb and create honey, and the honey is nutrition for offspring and so our progeny continue. 

What nature has done is create a brilliant system that means that the flower provides the nectar and the honeybee comes towards the nectar, because of the beauty of the flower. That specific flower appeals to that specific type of bee. When the bee gets there, there is added incentive for the bee to enter the flower, to get to the nectar. The flower makes it difficult, and as the honeybee enters the flower, the flower deposits pollen on the back or on the legs of the honey bee. 

The honey bee drinks his nectar, achieves its objectives. Loads of pollen goes from the flower to the honeybee,  the flower has achieved its objective. 

And the honey bee flies off and as its flying off the pollen is randomly deposited in the wind and thus pollination takes place. 

The honeybee and the flower is your marketing. 

You are the flower, the customer is the bee.

You need to get the bee to you to create a transaction. 

What’s the nectar? 

What does the flower need to look like? 

What does the bee consider nectar? (Not what you think the nectar is)

What’s the pollen? 

And why will the bee take it away? 

And where will the bee take it? 

All of these elements of that are your marketing, that’s the first example of how nature can affect marketing in a positive way. 


The Alpha Lifecycle

The second way that nature can affect marketing is about the alpha lifecycle. A wolf in a pack, a gorilla in a troop. Pretty much every animal lives within some kind of structural hierarchy.

Is anyone born into leadership? 

Some are, queen bees are. I’m not sure many others are, certainly wolves aren’t born into leadership, gorillas aren’t born into leadership, most of mammals and primates certainly don’t seem to be born into leadership.

You have to earn your space. 

You’re going to get slapped along the way because you’re going to make some mistakes.You have to take your place, you have to bring value to the table, you have to respect your tribe, and you have to expect to be replaced as well, and that creates a humility that prevents the arrogance of expectation of you lasting forever. 

So what does leadership look like in your space? 

How are you gonna earn a space in your tribe? 

What does getting slapped look like? 

How are you gonna earn your chops?

How are you gonna get some medals?

What’s it gonna take? 

How many times are you gonna have to screw up and in what way to learn the basics? 

And once you’ve taken your place, how are you gonna bring value to the table? 

How are you gonna respect your tribe? 

When it comes time for you to be replaced, who’s gonna replace you and why and how? 

What can you do in advance to preempt that? 

If you just jot down on a piece of paper these sorts of things, go through these processes for your business, there’s actually gold in these processes, believe me, I use these all the time. 



The last piece that we can learn from nature to help us stop overthinking our marketing is really about DNA. 

DNA is a time machine, the further ahead you can anticipate your market, its needs, it’s wants, the better you can bake in the brilliance and Seth Godin talks about this all the time in his book Purple Cow. 

You’ve got to bake the brilliance into the DNA of the business. 

The best clients I have have just had a brilliant idea, and they don’t know what to do with it. They haven’t even registered domain name yet, they don’t have a brand. Because at that early point, if we can bake in something unique and disruptive innovative and brilliant, then they’re never gonna have to outspend. They’re going to out position from day one. 

So how can you use the DNA of your marketplace of your industry, to create difference? 

What can you do that will get everyone’s attention? And take attention away from all your competition, because once you’ve got attention you can monetize that. Fred Wilson of AVC, a venture capital firm in the US, ten or twelve years ago, said something really interesting. He said one of the key determinants for him to determine whether investment is worth discussion, is how many people are paying attention to that brand. 

Because you can monetize attention. 


So the last thing is you’ve got to own all of it. 

You’ve got to stop overthinking your marketing. 

You’ve got to own all of the above, whether it’s good or bad. 

You can run just like in nature, but ultimately you can only hide for so long, and the same is true of your marketing. 

If you don’t architect brilliance, if you don’t bake in awesome natural processes, if you’re not the flower and the honeybee, if you’re not cognisant of the alpha lifecycle, of your place in the space and how it goes onwards after that, if you don’t have brilliance baked into your DNA – you’re gonna have to outspend you’re not gonna be able to out position.