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TepFu’s 12 Disruptions of Christmas 2016 – #6


On the first day of Christmas we heralded a drone…buzz buzz buzz buzz…

On the second day of Christmas we talked reality…virtual, augmented and mixed

On the third day of Christmas we tightened up on Slack…teams and workplace…

On the fourth day of Christmas we zeroed in on health…big data to insurance…

On the fifth day of Christmas we tackled IoT…Space! The Final Frontier!…

On the sixth day of Christmas we got our bots on…chat, scheduling and commerce…

Today, on the seventh day of Christmas we unveil #6 in our Disruptive Christmas countdown. On the seventh day of Christmas…we swoon over iPhoneX…

So many of you will be reading this on your smartphone. And a huge chunk of you will be reading it on your iPhone. How far we have come since the launch of the iPhone in 2007. When the most cutting edge phone was a windows mobile [shudder].

2017 is the iPhone’s 10th birthday, and there is little doubt that Apple will be celebrating with a little more than your standard 10 year old birthday treats of jelly and ice-cream (ed: though there ain’t anything wrong with that nyom nyom)

Apple have already been pretty legacy-focused this year – having underwhelmed elsewhere and released their much derided, much adored coffee table book that is selling for the astronomical sum of around $300.

However, 2017 is set to see even more reflection – particularly with the release of the iPhone X/iPhone anniversary/iPhone 7s/iPhone 8. If Apple do finally break with tradition; abandoning their semi-monarchical tendencies of simply calling each subsequent model a higher number à la Henry 1-8, it should mark a significant change in the Apple brand.

2017 sees a much-awaited leap forward for the iPhone which has stumbled of late. Much depends on this year: will the iPhone X (we’re betting it’s called that) mark a new dawn for Apple devices or the confirmation of a sunset on mobile? We’re betting a new dawn here at TepFu and this is why.

Well-founded rumours (Thanks for most of them to @Scobleizer although we think the shot above of what they thought the 7 would be like is most likely to be the outcome) abound about the iPhone X abound with technologists predicting it will include OLED panels, curved displays, edge to edge display, glass all over, hidden home buttons (Apparently the home key and fingerprint scanner will be hidden under the display glass!!!), wireless charging and even more fantastically: an element of Mixed Reality (MR) as well as projection capabilities.

What this means – for those of you don’t speak geek – is that the Apple iPhone X could well be just a transparent glass slab. How amazing would that be? We think bloody amazing!

This all sounds pretty cool, the way the future was sold to us in the past. However, the question is – is this what the people want? Apple have made a few controversial moves this year, most notably, their airpods have seen many complaints of innovation for innovations sake.

Hindsight may well prove as ever to be 20/20 and the headphone move may be a architectural necessity in an all-glass phone.

Of course, it is that trend-starting attitude that has seen Apple earn billions over the last 15 years with the iPod and iPhone (not to mention all the other amazing stuff they do: iMac, Air, AppleTV and so on) and they have always been extremely proficient in telling us what we want. So will their latest move pay off? We think so.

Let us know your thoughts, are you buying into Apple’s vision of the future? Will the iPhone fail to impress? Too many bites of the apple?

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Picture courtesy of ConceptsiPhone