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TepFu’s 12 Disruptions of Christmas 2016 – #7


On the first day of Christmas we heralded a drone…buzz buzz buzz buzz…

On the second day of Christmas we talked reality…virtual, augmented and mixed

On the third day of Christmas we tightened up on Slack…teams and workplace…

On the fourth day of Christmas we zeroed in on health…big data to insurance…

On the fifth day of Christmas we tackled IoT…Space! The Final Frontier!…

Today, we unveil #7 in our Disruptive Christmas countdown. On the sixth day of Christmas…we get our bots on…

How do you know that any of this series has been written by a Human? With Automation meeting Artificial Intelligence more and more often we trumpet the rise of the Bots, Chatbots specifically, and look at what disruption they may bring to our, to date, mostly human communications.

Funnily enough a Chatbot is an awful lot like what it sounds like. It is a piece of computer programming software that can chat to us online and solve problems for us using Artificial Intelligence.

Quite possibly ruining the premise of the many rom-coms that see a high-flying executive falling for their subordinate, Chatbots are set to irrevocably alter the world of business.

With an ability to learn on the go as well as the capability to chat in a natural manner, Chatbots are meant to be “easy to discover, use and fun to engage with,” at least according to their PR reps.

These Chatbots will be able to do a myriad of menial tasks; blending robotic precision with a little personality to become every employee’s and employer’s best friend. And every customer’s best friend as Chat Commerce starts to penetrate chat applications including Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Skype as examples.

Plus, China is way ahead of us and WeChat the popular messaging platform used in China is moving fast in this area.

They are already being used by a number of bigger companies, however they have yet to be assimilated into the business landscape on a large scale.

However, all that is set to change moving into 2017.

Brands like webspider.co.uk are building a Chatbot for Facebook and Skype amongst a number of other communication tools to offer live, personalised, automated responses to consumer questions.

Whilst a number of other companies are integrating with Slack to automate the rest of the Social Media process.

These Chatbots could well mean the world never sleeps as tasks could be automated around the clock whilst you are fast asleep in bed.

Sounds divine to us. We here at TepFu all hail our new Chatbot overlords!

Incidentally, have you yet met my assistant Amy yet? Amy is my Meeting Ninja and takes all the hassle of my scheduling meetings out of my hands. Amy is a bot. She chats. She schedules. She is not a real human. And probably saves me 20 minutes a day setting up calls and meetings. Or approx 8 hours a month. Or one whole work day a month. Want to try it? Simply request a meeting with me and see what happens next. Just email me on: al @ [this site’s domain name].com

How might chatbots impact on your business? Could it help your customer service department? Could it help staff complete tasks faster?

If you would like to discuss how bots could impact on your business and your customers and how your business can leverage the bot revolution, or if you have any brand, marketing, social media, content marketing, email marketing etc related questions in general, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]

Picture courtesy of Kārlis Dambrāns