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Social ≠ caring

aaeaaqaaaaaaaacnaaaajdkxzdi2ywzmlte4zditndizmy1imzi0ltgwndqynjcxzjlkmqJust because a brand is active on social doesn’t mean it cares about it’s customers. Caring requires advocating on their behalf. Putting the customer before the brand itself.

Caring is sharing right and in the context of successfully protecting the brand during customer complaints that means having brand reps advocating for the complainant not the brand itself. We’ve all had these chats:

You have a bad brand experience.

You moan on twitter.

Brand replies asking for info by DM.

You DM giving info.

Brand says please email or livechat.

You email or livechat.

Person at other ends tells them what a machine says to say.

You have to do all the work.

You feel ignored and processed.

You hate brand.

That isn’t being social. That isn’t caring for customers.

It could go a different way.

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